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Welcome to our site ...

The label was started in 1967 at the urging of Roscoe Mitchell and Lester Bowie.  Since then we have cautiously built a small catalog of recordings we feel worthy of attention and support from folks interested in expanding their musical horizons.  Welcome to friends, old and new.

At present this is just an informational site. We will add a shopping cart and other features in the near future.

We receive many requests for our Art Ensemble 1967/68 set, now out of print. All of that music has now been remastered in 24 bit resolution and reissued in smaller packages. The items are Lester Bowie All the Numbers, Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble Congliptious, Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble Complete Old/Quartet Sessions and finally Art Ensemble Early Combinations.

Thanks for checking in and come back soon.
Chuck Nessa